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Capturing Thrills, Creating Memories:

Our automated, triggered cameras work tirelessly in carefully selected prime locations to capture exhilarating action photos and videos of riders on our thrilling rides and water slides. Here's how we make those unforgettable moments easily accessible to our customers:

Revolutionizing Photography for Memorable Experiences

The Picento system is a testament to innovation, culminating in years of tireless research and rigorous on-site testing. We have harnessed technology to transform the way we capture and cherish memories at an attraction.

Empowering Your Guests with the Picento App

Our user-friendly Picento app redefines the photography experience. Customers can effortlessly access their digital images with personalized branding and templates delivered instantaneously to their smartphones through the marvel of facial recognition technology and other technology.

Setting the Standard for Excellence

While similar systems may exist, none rise to the level of excellence that Picento embodies. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to service, image quality, customer engagement, automation, guest satisfaction, and the seamless delivery of your cherished memories.

Unleashing the Power of Social Sharing

The Picento app doesn't just stop at capturing moments; it empowers attractions with a powerful tool for social media integration. Guests can instantly share their images and videos on social platforms, ushering in a wave of likes, shares, and amplified advertising opportunities.

A Seamless Addition to Entertainment Attractions

Incorporating Picento into entertainment attractions promises an extraordinary enhancement with exceptional high-quality effects, stunning imagery, and the instant delivery of cherished memories, all directly to each guest's device.

With Picento, we're not just capturing moments but shaping unforgettable experiences. Join us on the journey to redefine photography and create lasting memories. Welcome to the future—welcome to Picento

Instant Digital Access:

The magic begins as these images are swiftly uploaded to our secure server. Guests can instantly access their photos through our cutting-edge facial recognition technology integrated into the Picento Systems App. This app can be seamlessly white-labelled to become your attraction's own Photo App.

Multiple Viewing Options:

We believe in making memories accessible. Guests can view their images through the app and at our self-service sales stations and dedicated websites.

Camera Excellence:

Our photography system employs state-of-the-art equipment. This includes high-resolution mirrorless cameras with a high ISO capability, ensuring exceptional image quality across a spectrum of lighting conditions. Moreover, we've incorporated temperature-controlled machine vision cameras built to withstand extreme environments while delivering unmatched durability.

Adaptability in Mind:

We understand that each attraction is unique. For locations where facial recognition may not be practical or permitted, our system seamlessly adapts to use QR codes and RF tags, ensuring that all our guests have an equally exceptional experience.

At the heart of it all, we're committed to capturing the excitement and creating lasting memories for your visitors. Discover the thrill of hassle-free photography with us today.

Branded Apps

White label software and apps for your venue.

Facial Recognition

Secure & Private Facial recognition via face mapping, With up to 100 faces per image/video recognised.

Themed Totems

Automated Photography Totem Units can be themed to any design.

Latest Technology

Picento utilize the latest software code to create a fun customer experience.

Photo Adventure

Create an exciting photo adventure for your guests. With special camera positions to give unique views.

Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution for a photography system at any venue.



Picento is at the forefront of innovation, constantly changing to embrace new technology and updating our software regularly.



Videos & Photos combined to create new ideas and effects for a great customer experience and an excellent Social Media appearance.



We install Canon SLR Cameras in our systems to provide high-quality content, perfect for Social Media.

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